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Disc Rotors

Taro Distributors Pty Ltd has an extensive range of commercial Disc Rotors available from stock as well as on direct import basis.


Taro has now added to our rotor range
SAF-Hendrickson DB22  ,   OEM---98815027?   ,  Taro SAF1037 Disc 415mm
Yutong Bus OEM---350100168  ,  Taro YU1022
BCi Bus OEM--- JY3502FS3P075      . Taro Bci3P075
Please click on link to view full disc rotor stock list.


Brake Shoes

Taro Distributors Pty Ltd has an extensive range of quality Brake shoes lined and unlined and fitting kits.
Shoe Range includes Crane , Bus . Truck and Trailer
Taro realized the need to add further quality products to our extensive Brake Lining , heavy commercial Disc Rotor, Drum , Disc Pads and Foundation brake range to meet our customer’s needs, by sourcing quality brake shoes that provide on going benefits for our distributors and their end users, Long life, Low Noise , cost effective , trusted all round quality.
Supplying our customers with quality products that meet and surpass overseas stringent standards and our Australian ADR standards provides Taro Distributors Pty Ltd customers and end users with the peace of mind that warranty litigation and undue cost and risk has potentially been avoided, whilst having the added benefit of reduced down time, increased productivity and cost savings across all areas of the vehicle brake maintenance for the end user, creating a win win situation for all stake holders.
Please click on link provide to view spread sheet of shoes carried.
Please note we have access to a much wider range of shoes and we would be pleased to quote on any references not showing on our list.
Please phone or email your inquiries to PH: 02,9774-3011 or email